Biodigesters, Madagascar

We are dedicated to:

The BioD team is developing biodigester technologies to address issues concerning clean energy, environmental health and economic opportunities in developing countries. The BioD team has developed a low-cost and effective biodigester, which produces methane gas that can be used as cooking fuel in biodiversity-threatened developing nations such as Madagascar. The technology paired with conservation management and educational programs being developed by Vort Port International make this business a long-term sustainable venture.

We are:

The team of creative designers and engineers are composed of students and professionals from across the United States.  The project is currently headquartered in Washington, DC, and working jointly with a set of students from the Université d’Antananarivo to test the and improve the current biodigester.

Our Initiative will:

  • Deliver sustainable technology in developing regions of the world to generate clean and renewable energy in the form of methane and nitrogen-rich fertilizer as a byproduct.
  • Provide an alternative for cooking fuel, which can save critical ecological habitats by decreasing the need for unsustainable deforestation and the clearing of forests for land-fills.
  • Reduce environmental and human health hazards in a community by providing a means to safely dispose waste.
  • Lower the environmental degradation caused by the use of wood to fuel fires for cooking and heating.
  • Create new jobs.

Our Goal:

The BioD team has design an efficient, low-cost biodigester that is capable of producing over three hours worth of cooking fuel per day using animal and plant waste. Made from commonly-available material (i.e. PVC piping, simple metal pipe fittings, etc), this device is robust and applicable in different geographical regions. Our goal this summer is to send two teams to travel to Madagascar to implement units and continue building relationships with partner communities, with the ultimate goal of establishing a locally-run business distributing these biodigesters.

The BioD team, in conjunction with Malagasy students, will train rural community members how to assemble and maintain the biodigester. The team will also educate community members on the importance of sustainable energy, and environmental and personal health. This knowledge will provide them with new economic opportunities, skills that can be shared with other communities, and a healthier lifestyle.

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