100% of our members are volunteers. You can rest assured that your entire donation will go towards prototyping and distributing appropriate technologies that provide basic needs to developing communities, as well as training and educating those around the world in energy, sanitation, safe transportation, and business skills to make their lives and environment healthier. Thank you for your contribution.

Thank you to all of our awesome our donors:

Emerald Becker, Dave and Cindy Dacey, Angeline Cione, Annie Huang, Justin Yaroni, Yolanda Acree, Marc Linden, Maureen Lindsay, Vandalay, Eric Saxvik, Kristin Hauswirth, Michael Lindsay, Yuyang Ye, Glenn Walker, Justin Whitkin, Dan Torres, Abbey Hauswirth, Patrick Kwiatkowski, Miguel Vega, Daniel Kwiatkowski, Michael Waldsmith, J.K. Putnam Photography, Jill Kwiatkowski, Lawrence Okwali, Josef Zook, Bruce Jones, Nina Jaffe, Sapna Gairola, Michael Chan, Amanda Foley, Elizabeth Kramer, Ronica Hazariwala, Rafael Carvalh, Judy Hutcherson, Rahul Mitra, Caroline Angelo, Gautham Sridharan, Chaitanya Diwadkar, Shivangi Khargonekar, Jason Vou, Merry Walker,  John Leu, Peng Shao, Grace Shao, Zachary Markin, Ann Presno, Ellen Creal, Will Faulkner, Diana Nelson, Stephen Imbriglia, Song Nguyen, Nicholas Imbriglia, Joshua Russell, Julie Pierce, Janet Vou, Anna Gustafson, James Vandenbosch, Grace Hsu, Thompson Vou,  Pramod Khargonekar, Seema Khargonekar

 All donations are tax-deductible. Thank you for your continued support.

Announcing our new partnership with Recoup:

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Recoup, an online marketplace where people can purchase amazing deals while supporting causes they care about. By shopping, you’re supporting great causes!
It’s easy to sign up for a Recoup membership (plus it’s free!):
 1.  Register online by using this special link will automatically designate Vort Port International as the non profit that you want all of your purchases to support. If you are already a member, log in and choose Vort Port International as the cause you want to support.
2.  Purchase daily deals and specials for either yourself or as a gift to others.
3.  Choose your donation amount. Recoup automatically donates 10 percent of each purchase to the non profit of your choice. You can also increase your donation amount by converting all or part of the rebate value.
4.  Use the deal in the time specified, enjoy, and pat yourself on the back for supporting great causes in your community.